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Hi Mike,Here are two links one for the Rolex Submariner and the second one for Tag Heuer Carrera:There is no such thing as a wesbite that will get you just the models that are closest to the genuine ones.I recommend you this wesbite because my experience with them so far has been a good one and the watches are of good quality and they come in a box as well.Swiss mechanisms are of better quality than Japanese ones of course and they will work just fine for a long period of time.Thanks,James.
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Saw your information regarding this web site. I’m looking for a blue faced Rolex Submariner – with reasonable quality. Any suggestions?I’ve owned authentic Rolex’s in the past and know their stainless steel bands are quite sturdy (and heavy.) Does this hold true with the Replica watches?Thanks in advance for your opine.

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Hi John,It took us a while to decide what to get and order the watches but we got them all and are starting to review them.Follow my posts and you’ll find out all about the watches we ordered.P.S. we didn’t get any Swiss models but we got this one: and it’s just off the charts.

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11.10.12 von sNQxJakubBiXbW
I tried to checkout on this site and Firefox keeps telling me the security certificate is invalid and that someone might be tampering with the site, allowing inputted information to be captured. Have you ran into this problem with invalid security certificates, James? I want to buy some watches but don’t want to lose $600.

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Hi Kev,Not sure what the Firefox security certificate is all about, I use Google Chrome and had no problem with it.This website is secure as I ordered from them on several occasions. I got my watches in about a week and had no extra charge on my credit card or no other data/security problems what so ever.Thanks,James.

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James,I’m patiently waiting (along with many others) for your review of your purchase from PLEASE post your review as soon as possible. I’m interested in the “Swiss” made Rolex Submariner.

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