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27.09.12 von qAdAvcijgjDay
As an agent I answered this qitoeusn many times. As others have noted you do get a discount for a monitored alarm system but the cost of the alarm system was never offset by the discount you received. I always advised my clients to weigh the value of their peace of mind of knowing that they had the additional security because the system cost will not be offset by the discount. It is not going to pay for itself.
28.09.12 von QpcAdLsFlL
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29.09.12 von WGaWehFvAhP
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11.10.12 von dzvpHEuKH
Primary driver is who drives the car the most, 100%? 80%, 10%? The primary driver of the car is who the premium is primarily based upon, secondary driver info comes into play as well. So if you’re a guy with a horrible driving record and you just bought a sports car, probably don’t want to be the primary driver of that vehicle.

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15.12.12 von ECDcvfSyhHxCmlpJn
Yes, incaurnse is high. The incaurnse goes up for five reasons. -Price of car -6 cylinder engines or bigger. -2 doors -RWD -Convertible.If you get the Coupe, then there are 4 things that make the incaurnse high. My friend pays about $ 1600 per 6 months or $ 267/month. My friend never got into any accident or tickets, but the incaurnse is that high because of the type of car. The incaurnse price is different in every city and state so it all depends where you live, but it should be around that price. This is also full coverage incaurnse, meaning if you crash, the incaurnse will fix your car and the persons car that you crashed into. Liability incaurnse is cheaper, maybe around $ 1350/6 months or $ 225/month. Liability is where they pay the repair costs for the person you crashed into, but they will not fix your car.
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08.07.13 von 0YxQK9hAfjOc
15million (potential driver) x a350 (avarage cost of inrsuance per month) = 750.000.0009billion a year. Welcome to the UKthe home of massive rip off where everyone sucks hard and follows the government like puppies
13.07.13 von PfANkiRod0rg
As a Canadian, you right winged Americans floor me being the only 1st world cotunry that does not tend to the health and well-being of its citizens. Don`t even get me started on the right winged propaganda that is shoved down your throats about how our Canadian health care system is apparently broken and flawed . Newsflash folks it works extremely well for us. You don`t see individual Canadians going bankrupt or in massive debt because they can`t pay their medical bills and EVERYONE gets medical care no, there are no waiting lines, we choose our on doctors etc .But yet you think nothing of spending trillions upon trillions of dollars on war in far away lands ..Go figure. America sure does have its priorities straight now doesn`t it folks!!References :
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10.01.15 von STQWYSv5lQ6
Did this happen or are you just being pariaond and playing what if ?Usually once you reach an agreement the insurance company honors it. So quit playing what if and just settle the claim. If it actually happens then come back and ask the question.
10.01.15 von LFwtNp3kn6kJ
That is an interesting qstoeiun. What ever made you think of that? My opinion is that, just like with auto insurance, people would find a way to commit fraud with it somehow, and then rates would keep going up car insurance stuff and people trying to get you to hit them to collect money already scares me, I dont know if this would be a good idea or not. But a very novel idea, so bravo! Keep thinking outside the box! Was this answer helpful?
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12.02.16 von Ps2FtyAF0Q3
Unfortunately yes. This is why the debate over wheehtr gay couples can get health insurance is so ripe in the media. While you may not be able to get joint coverage, you may be able to get the same plan. This would be less confusing for you as the same conditions will probably apply (barring any pre-existing conditions).
12.02.16 von L8NrZMqNrnc
Yes, you must be married. If you are buynig an individual plan in Washington State, there is no cost advantage to having a joint plan anyway. The price is the same whether you enroll in a family plan or two individual plans.
26.06.16 von uGNnl7Vrz59D
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