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09.05.12 von Jennifer
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20.07.12 von aAnhsAQBXehNq
I did this diet but it was with some food. I would eat two cheeseburgers from Macdonalds then get one or two pints of beer ardrewafts at the pub during lunch breaks. I actually lost weight because the calories in two cheeseburgers are pretty low and the beer would kill the hunger, give me a nice feeling for the rest of the day. I actually lost half a stone doing this everyday for a week.
20.07.12 von zfATlKLvUjpVss
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21.07.12 von qRquAemFmkqhLbvotRd
Ok so Kendall was out of town the other night and Haven and I came home starving. I was about to go out and pick up some fast food junk for us when I saw that your mom had brought us over dinner (can I just tell you how much I adore her). Anyway it was cheeseburger pasta and it was sooooo good. Even Haven ate it, and he doesn't eat anything I cook. Thanks for all these recipes. It keeps your mom cooking, which means there are always leftovers.

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31.07.12 von PqYIrKpnyatKA
Wow! I'm not sure about the relish on top but I trust you not to steer me wrong so I'm going to try it! It does look like a dish that's right up my alley! Yum! I treat my family like guinea pigs too! I know they love it they just don't know it sometimes! :DThanks for the get well wishes too.

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05.08.12 von HWvUPmmrSRRRAwqIvEE
Whenever I go home, I make it a point to cook something for my parents that I know they will like. For myself, it doesn't matter as much. This looks like a definite family-pleaser. My parents eat cheeseburgers all summer long and this would be a great way for them to enjoy them in the winter as well!

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10.08.12 von AYkiDwhXwlVUz
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20.08.12 von Ethan Rimes
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07.09.12 von mimica
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10.12.12 von HroYUpDt
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28.02.13 von nstkqElR
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14.05.13 von smallkat
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08.04.14 von fdsfds
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09.11.15 von Juni Austen
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22.04.16 von Jenni
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01.12.16 von Rl1FnY0g8MB
Holy sm.sok..e.This card really pulls together last week's card for me, especially in light of very recent events related to my job.The Knight energy has definitely been with me over the past week.Thank you, Sheri.
01.12.16 von XiBWRdmJk
I&;7218#ve tested it in L4D2 in pc, it was fucking amazing better than any audio recorder i have ever had, but in the ps3, the clearness is very limited it actually sucks balls if your trying to talk!
19.06.18 von RonaldHarris
My Nes Emulator has been really successful in the development and peacefully passing all the tests and in the development time of the latest version been put up to testing.

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