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Moderatorin muss bei laufender Sendung kotzen xD


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29.12.11 von tGUbWoxq
I really wish there were more aritcles like this on the web.
29.12.11 von PaSXdZGFQ
sWgXE5 qujxwxppoxwu
19.01.12 von XVajqiZPS
Lieber ArturToll das sich unsere Wege fast gekreuzt haben. ich hoffe, dass wir uns in Istanbul sehen werden.Mit liebem Gruß auch an Margrit, Christian

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27.01.12 von KcurTxFQO
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27.04.12 von LXceaCEQpPduywgNPM
Hallo ihr Pilger (Christian kennt uns)Margrit un dich waren einen Tag nach Euch in der schf6nen Kirche in Lavin und haben dort euren Eintrag gelesen.Wenn diese vleein stories am Schluss nicht zu einem Buch ffchren? E gueti Zyt und bliibed gsundMargrit und Artur, Langnau a. A.
28.04.12 von gQgVjPrMO
hqX9Fm jnafleawvbki
29.04.12 von cdVRaiuiVyGVrL
Schf6ne Weihnachtsgrfcdfe senden wir euch von uernser liebsten Nordseeinsel auf die andere Seite des Erdballs.Hier ist alles extrem verscheit und mit der Vespa we4re kein vorankommen, weshalb ich mich vorsichtshalber mit dem Auto auf die Insel gewagt habe.Neudeutsche X-Mas-GrfcdfeCaro und Julian
03.05.12 von nkqziIEaNeJIFGCyc
Hallo ihr Pilger (Christian kennt uns)Margrit un dich waren einen Tag nach Euch in der schönen Kirche in Lavin und haben dort euren Eintrag gelesen.Wenn diese vielen stories am Schluss nicht zu einem Buch führen? E gueti Zyt und bliibed gsundMargrit und Artur, Langnau a. A.

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18.05.12 von ZejgyUoWRMY
Hey ihr zwei,hoffentlich geht es euch gut nach diesem spannenden Bericht.Mir fällt auf, dass ihr bei der Beschreibung von fast unberührten Natur mehr ins Schwärmen kommt als bei dem so eigenen Fortschritt der Menschheit auf der anderen Seite des Erballs. Wir hoffen auf eine trockene und gute Fortsetzung eurer Reise und netten Begegnungen und ebensolchen Erlebnissen!Sonntägliche Grüßeaus Berlin sendet euchMama Margrit

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25.03.13 von lTmboglETxOfMPsbOZ
I tried taking a look at your web site in my molbie phone and the design does not seem to be correct. Might want to check it out on WAP as well as it seems most smartphone layouts are not working with your website.
28.03.13 von pWvAoGyIcusqvAHMoB
1TuiYX iosjzfgiwbug
03.04.13 von SVeGfUwVsRGUyJiKKPN
This is in response to Tony Weekes comments.I agree wholeheartedly with the need for money reform. I surely expressedthis sentiment both in the first and in the last two paragraphs of my blog,and I just wish money reformers would get on with it. I believe that we need a drastically new system, together with landreform, as outlined by Margrit Kennedy. But I also believe that no governmentwill introduce such reforms unless they have been proven to be effective bycomputer simulation – a process which will be staggeringly expensive (thoughnot as costly as a Trident missile) and would require the cooperation of someof the best brains on both sides of the Atlantic. But in the otherwise excellent article on Steady State Economics in issue 18of Better World Economics, the short paragraph headed Monetary reform, towhich my blog was responding, is just repeating the well-known message aboutthe iniquities of fractional reserve banking and offers no new (let alonerevolutionary) ideas. Sadly, those who responded to my pieces in The Friend and on the blogdon’t seem to have read and thought through my analysis and have certainlynot responded to the points I made. I feel like Galileo trying to convincepeople that the earth circles round the sun. Even if Michael Rowbotham, mygood friend James Robertson, some practising bankers and all the textbooksin the world say the opposite, I still have to state that they are mistaken. The financial crisis has of course brought banks into disrepute, but thatis not because of fractional reserve banking, but because, driven by greed,they departed from their core business and dabbled irresponsibly inspeculative practices, using for example title deeds which customers haddeposited in good faith. But their core business is to bring together thosewho need money and those who can spare it, and fractional reserve banking isthe only viable method at their disposal. So please, my readers, put asideyour preconceived ideas for a while and read what follows thoughtfully. Fractional reserve banking means that when customers deposit funds,the banks can then lend these funds to customers seeking loans, BUT MUSTRETAIN A FRACTION, usually about 10%, in case other customers requirerepayment of their deposits. They can NOT “issue a far higher volume ofloans than they have received as deposits”, as the BWE article states. Hereare two proofs. 1. If you look at bank balance sheets you will invariably find thatloans to customers are about 10% less than deposits received from customers.Do you really think that the audited balance sheets of reputable banksworld-wide are all lying? 2. The Bank of England has the task of controlling the money supply withthe aim of keeping inflation under control, and it has a special unit called‘Conjunctural Assessment and Projections Division’ to assist in the fine tuning. Now why would they bother to do this if commercial banks could multiply the totalmoney supply at will and thereby negate the efforts of the B of E? From the two observations above you can deduce that fractional reservebanking is not a money creating mechanism. In my original blog (paragraphs6-7) I explained how, by insufficiently rigorous thinking, even Nobel prizewinners can come up with a misleading theory which is then adopted by othertextbook writers and their disciples. Now back to commercial banking reality. Apart from fractional reservebanking there are two options: full reserve and zero reserve banking.Neither of these are practicable. Zero reserve banking would mean that banks can lend out all the moneyreceived from customers, having to keep no reserves. Then what will they sayto those customers who turn up to withdraw their deposit? “Sorry, folks, allthe money you gave us is out on loan. Come back another day.” And yet, thatis what the BWE article states as desirable: a system where “banks could onlylend to the extent to which they had deposits”. (Of course the word ‘only’stems from the writer’s implied view that banks can presently lend more thanthey receive.) The article mistakenly calls this ‘full reserve banking’. Full reserve banking is the opposite. In this system the banks must keepall the deposits received until customers withdraw them again. Fine, butthen it’s no good asking your bank for a loan! And as they can no longer makea profit from the difference between interest paid on deposits and interestcharged on loans, they will have to charge the depositors a hefty safe-keeping fee. More importantly, by not lending the money, banks would ineffect be withdrawing it from circulation, which would cause economicstagnation. Money must circulate to fulfil its function – oiling the wheelsof the economy. No, my friends, fractional reserve banking is the only viable way bankscan operate. We must not condemn it, but push for stricter banking lawswhich forbids any kind of speculative practices and makes banks stick totheir core business. Banks are so important in the life of a country’seconomy that if they threaten to collapse they have to be bailed out by thestate (hence by the taxpayer). They must therefore be supervised much moreclosely than other finance houses. It is because Canadian banking law ismuch stricter that Canada largely escaped the recent financial turmoil. John Schmid,

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12.04.13 von UQcQnBGIKyGrF
Peter, it occured to me that Pierre’s choice of word is much more appropriate than you would like it. Consider: Areas with high temperatures always have more biodiversity than cold regions.Evelyne Lemke in the video states “When we don’t manage the shift to renewables, there will be no biodiversity to protect.”So what does she fear? A rise of temperatures of 2 deg C? Of 8 deg C? No – this would result in an increase in biodiversity in Germany.She obviously fears a complete end to life on Earth, akin to the Venus Hothouse nightmare visions by Hansen. That’s the only possible explanation for her statement.She is on a mission to save the planet from TOTAL DESTRUCTION (and this way, she carries an enormous importance, which surely bolsters her self-esteem and is the psychological reason for her choosing this mindset).People with this mindset CAN’T compromise or argue – this would be irrational for them, because the only RATIONAL way in the face of complete destruction is fighting to the end.It will be next to impossible to deprogram her. The best we can hope to achieve is neutralizing her and her kind.

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23.04.13 von zAyUYyrQo
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28.01.15 von 51vga1EO
In England it is allowed to use a psrnoeal account for business purposes, although the banks do not like it because they cannot charge what they want. That is the whole point. An account where they cannot charge to start with. Once they find out you are using it as a business account, give them the choice of either good terms and facilities for a business account, or tell them you may consider going elsewhere.You are in business, but so is the bank. To a certain extent you are competing with the banks they want as much of your money as they can get, you want to give them as little as possible.
28.01.15 von 15AKjFQIIwn
I suppose the defcirenfe in profitability of the customer using browsing is because a mobile phone with a browser is costlier than a mobile phone for texting i.e. the customer moves more money causes more transactions and is more of interest to the bank.
09.11.15 von Juni Austen
Moderatorin muss bei laufender Sendung kotzen xD
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26.06.16 von 7aA7gLuSK
What a great reursoce this text is.
26.06.16 von 4DyLAEZNoOX
The photos really add something great to this post.I say Mickey is overrated anyway.And won17;t it be ridiculous when the 20 year extension is up for Mickey and Disney tries to force another extension? Greedy idiots. Let Chinese children enjoy men dressed up in bizarre looking rat suits!
14.07.17 von 9Q6CWTpUz
I liked the old chair too, but the armed one is actually WAY more comfortable to use as a desk chair! I also needed to use the other one as a dining chi80&#a23r; nothing gets to stay put for too long at my house.

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